I wish deep sense of gratitude to Dr. K. Narender Reddy, Chairman, Board of Studies, Department of Geology, Kakatiya University (K.U.), Warangal, for his continued encouragement, guidance and freedom during the progress of work. It was really a great pleasure to work under such a warm and ever helpful Guide.

I express thanks to Prof. V. Madhavan, Head, Department of Geology, K.U., Prof. Padmanabha Rao, Dean, Faculty of Science, K.U. and Dr. K. Niranjan Kumar and Dr. K. David, Asst. Professors, Dept. of Geology, K.U., for their co-operation during the study.

I am very much thankful to Prof. K. Purushotham Reddy, Head, Department of Political science, O.U., for motivating me to work on environmental problems and also for all the help rendered by him during the research work. I am grateful to Late Shri V.R. Reddy, Director, DDS, Hyderabad for getting me involved in National Environmental Awareness Campaign (NEAC), and on other various environmental issues, the participation helped me in understanding the intricacies of environment.

I express my deep sense of gratitude to Dr. S.D. Bhadrinath, Senior Deputy Director (Retd.), NEERI, for his valuable suggestions and comments during the final stages of the thesis. I express my thanks to Dr. U.V. Bhaskar Reddy, Dept. of Geochemistry, O.U., for providing me with statistical package (SYSTAT) and for all the help during the work. Thanks to Dr. P. Venkat Reddy, Professor in Zoology and Dr. V.S. Raju, Associate Professor in Botany, of K.U. for their helpful discussion and comments on Biological Environment. Thanks are also to Dr. Biksham G., Manager, Fresh Water, WWF (Geneva), Prof. Y. Anjaneyulu, JNTU, Hyderabad, Dr. Nagi Reddy Archealogy and Museums, Hyderabad and Dr. Kishan Rao of Patancheru, received their help at various stages of my thesis work. With Shri. K. Ashok Reddy, Advocate, I had the pleasure of sharing and learning the legal aspects of environmental issues for which I am grateful to him.

I am thankful to Dr. D.D. Basu, Senior Scientist, Dr. R.C. Trivedi, Senior Scientist and Mr. N.S. Babu, Asst. Env. Engineer of CPCB, New Delhi, during the Impact assessment and performance evaluation of Bollaram and Patancheru industrial area (Jan 18-24, 1998), as part of the study team, in their company I could learn and share several things on environment. Thanks are also to Mr.Surendra Raj, Senior Engineer, Mr.N.B.Ramesh, Scientist, Mr.Ramesh Chandra, Mr.Prasad, Mr.Veeranna and other staff members of APPCB, with them collected the samples (August ’97) and for all the information provided by them.

I am grateful to my friends Dr. Satish C. Jayanthi, Scientist, NRSA, Mr. G. Santosh Reddy, Yegna Envirochem Labs, Mr. D. Narasimha Reddy, Center for Resource Education and Mr. Navneeth Reddy for their valuable suggestions and criticism during the final stages of writing the thesis.

I wish to say special thanks to my friends M. Prashanth (for his help through out the research work), and to D.V.M. Prabhakara Rao, Poorna, Sudhir, Kalyan, Srisailam, Yugesh, Giridhar and Uma for all their help at various stages of my research work.

I acknowledge the blessings of Prof. K. V. Subba Rao, Dept of Earth Sciences, IIT, Bombay. I am thankful to Vasantha, Jagga Reddy, Carmen, Vikram, and A.M. for their best wishes and encouragement.

I express my love and thanks to those thousands of indigenous population who are victims of environmental pollution, residing in Nakkavagu basin, as their cause was my problem for thesis. I also express my indebtedness to many of them unknown to me personally, who first spoke on reckless and irresponsible poisoning of this fragile planet a home for millions of species including man.

Without these friends my work would have been difficult, thanks to Sashidhar Reddy for getting me a good Computer, K. Venkateshwar Rao and Balram for their excellent Xeroxing. Thanks to the staff of Kakatiya University, Venu, Rajitha, Upender, Sarangapani, Ameer and Saraiah for all the help during the research period.

Good and latest books are important especially when the subject is new, The British Library, Hyderabad had been a great source for most of the literature on Environmental Sciences, for which I am grateful to the management and staff of The British Library.

I acknowledge C.S.I.R, New Delhi, for all the financial assistance under JRF (1995-97) and SRF (1997-99) and contingency fund for research in Earth Sciences.

Finally I express my thanks to my parents who gave all the freedom in my life and also for their support, encouragement and their belief in me. I am grateful to my other family members Sisters, Brothers-in-law and Nieces (Dolly and Bunny) for all the encouragement during my research work.

Date: (N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy)


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